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Coca Cola advertising

You need to ensure that you can discuss Coke's advertising campaigns in your MED2 exam. You will be shown three videos in class about Coca Cola:
1. The Money Programme: Coke's Water Bomb (330) (About Dasani)
2. The Money Programme: Coke on the Rocks (330)
3. Dispatches: Mark Thomas on Coca Cola
These videos will be returned to the library after use, so you can watch them there to make additional notes if necessary.

You will also be given a handout from the September 2005 issue of Media Magzine about how to analyse a Coca Cola advert.

You can see Coca Cola adverts from 1914 to the present day at:
(What you need to bear in mind is that many of these are American!)

To read more about the negative side of Coke's image, see these websites:

What you need to do now is research Coca Cola advertising campaigns. You need to select a specific recent campaign and post your findings as a comment to this post. You should include the web address of any sites that you have used.


gemmapiper said...

Diet Coke “Hunk” advert

This video advertisement can be seen to be targeting both the female and male audience due to the use of good-looking male and female models entices a range of different people to purchase their products. The basic plot of the advert is that three women on their lunch break in an office get into the lift and deliberately press the alarm button to make the male lift attendee (Francois Xavier) to come and fix the problem. The male attendee then gets into the lift by the hatch at the top meaning his top rides up enough to show part of his stomach. The women are then satisfied by his good looks whilst enjoying a can of Diet Coke each. Thus suggesting that the women are manipulative.

One of the scenes near the beginning of the advert shows one of the three women wearing high heels (suggesting sex appeal) and all three of the women are wearing smart nice clothing. They are therefore seen to be stylish. This gives Diet Coke a similar image, thus promoting their business and showing that their products could possibly promote a classy and stylish lifestyle.

At the end of the advert the camera pans across the office showing that the only employees in the office are females. Showing a bin full of diet coke cans means that other females in the office possibly do the same thing within their lunch breaks; thus showing that this sort of behaviour is acceptable within an office. This also presents a message that the products Diet Coke is producing are fun and can be used as a way to entice the opposite sex.

The advert has been used to ‘sponsor’ different television programmes, such as WAGs Boutique in early 2007. This television programme was obviously aimed at the female audience as the programme was about two teams of footballers’ wives competing to have the best shop. Before and after each advertisement break the Diet Coke advert was shown to be sponsoring the programme. Thus meaning, in this case, the advert was aimed at the female audience. However, as explained before the advertisement could possibly be aimed at the male audience as well.

The advert comes over 20 years after the original ‘hunk’ Diet Coke advert, where a similar style is used. All of the women are rushing for their 11:30 Diet Coke break in order to watch the good looking builder outside sip on Diet Coke. A similar style has been adopted for the new Diet Coke advert. Although this new advert is similar to the 1980s advert, other adverts for Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola ‘plus’ have little in common. Many Coca-Cola adverts having an animated theme with energetic music to motivate the audience and make them feel the products will energize them, whereas the particular Diet Coke advert I have studied has focused more on the sex appeal aspect. Using the good looking models and using the song ‘I just wanna make love to you’ to emphasise that the products can be used to entice the opposite sex.

Although many women and men enjoy this product and the advert, some are confused as what the connection between Diet Coke and the advert is.

“What its relevance has to do with Diet Coke I don't know” jambo5678 (2001) Ads nowt to do with what they're advertising Available from: [Accessed: 04/12/07]

Word count: 569

Claire said...

Diet Coke “Hunk” Advert

Coca Cola uses a typical workplace setting in their advert and features three women going on their break together drinking Diet Coke. This implies to the audience that it is a good drink to give the audience energy and re-fresh them during their workday. It also implies that it is a drink aimed more at females.

The audience see the women meeting up in the lift and exchanging looks before staging a lift breakdown. They then open their cans of Diet Coke whilst a “hunky looking’ male slides down the lift to fix it. By using a male as the centre of attention for the women in the advert, Coca Cola enforces the idea of it being a drink with sex appeal and it catches the audience’s attention.

The advert uses an upbeat song which also reflects the situation. This creates a sexy image for the drink which helps to persuade people to buy it.

The slogan at the end of the “create your own Diet Coke break’ involves the audience and links the product to the event in the advert.

The setting of the advert is a clean, white, modern office with the latest computers and the women featured are wearing modern clothes. This suggests that Diet Coke is a modern drink. The cans are seen being thrown into a bin full of other Diet Coke cans which shows that it is regular in their office and that the drink is popular.

The language used in the advert is simple and appealing to the audience. Phrases such as “create your own” talk directly to the audience and make the advert more personal towards them. The word “create” invites the audience to try the drink and use it to make their own ideal break.

The television advert is 40 seconds long and consists of quick shots of the women making eye contact with each other and the male and drinking their diet cokes. The advert begins with close ups of a women’s face, the date on a calendar changing, some high-heels and a lift opening as a woman steps in to meet two other women. The majority of these shots include an office in the background and the outside city building. This invites the audience to guess what the advert could be about and what’s going to happen and it interests them because the scene is particularly modern and stylish.

The sounds used in the advert consist of background noises of a typical office environment, including phones ringing, lift buttons, typing and high-heels walking. It is all very usual until the alarm button in the lift is pressed which makes the song start. This is when the audience is shown shots of a man in a different room looking at security cameras.

The end of the advert uses a silver background to the text used to link again with the office style and also because it is Diet Coke that is being advertised it is recognised to have a silver and white design to the particular range rather than the red for the normal Coke.

mij:) said...


mij:) said...

‘The Coke side of life’ is an advertising campaign launched by Coca-cola in 2006. ‘The Coke side of life’ encourages people to make positive choices in life. This campaign invites people to create their own positive reality, to be spontaneous, listen to their hearts and live life in full colour.

The poster I have chosen is one out of one hundred posters made to advertise the campaign.

The poster is red at the top and fades in to pink at the bottom. There is the logo on the bottom of the poster. In the middle of the poster there is a traditional glass Coca-cola bottle with ‘live on the coke side of life’ written across it. There are a lot of little symbols on the red side of the poster. The group of symbols resembles the gas released from a pressurised bottle or can of coke. The symbols consist of; smiley faces, flowers, peace, yin yang, love hearts and so on…

The colour red is used to represent the Coca-Cola Company’s corporate colour. The colour pink is used to portray love and comfort.

The traditional Coca-cola bottle is used as this bottle is recognized world that it is a Cola-cola logo.

The text ‘live on the coke side of life’ is used to tell the audience about the other side of life. This is used to tell the audience that the coke side of life is better than the normal life.

The symbols that are used all have a meaning. For example, the smiley face resembles happiness, the flower represents nature, and the love heart implies love. All of these meanings are positive and show Coca-cola is a positive, honest and a loving company with their own side of life.

This advertising campaign is inviting the audience to join their side of life. Joining ‘the Coke side of life’ basically means to be a customer of the company and to buy their products.

the end!!!

tara said...

Polar Bear drinking coke

Coca Cola has a many number of adverts. In advertising, they look at many aspects such as theme, season, festivities and so on. In the advertisement I have chosen they focus directly on a winter theme and instead of using people they use Polar Bears.

In using polar bears it creates surrealism to the advert. The polar bears all stand on the backs of each other to reach the moon (as shown on the right) and this can be seen as interesting to young children. My reason for saying that is because it is almost like a fairytale in how the sequence of events follows through. Reaching for the moon could be a dream for children and for them coca cola maybe what they need to reach it.

Not only does it appeal to young children but it can also capture the attention of any Phil Collins fan. The music in the background is not only from a well-known kids film (Brother Bear) but its mellow enough for any adult to enjoy it too. With lively, bubbly music it helps sets a joyful atmosphere that any person can feel comfortable in.

The snow, polar bears, ice (etc) all give off a clear use of the winter season without having to say it. Connotations of winter come down to Christmas, overall having fun and being together. The Polar bears working together (like shown in the image above) can show this is the season to be together. Coca cola are clever in their job by showing coca cola brings them together.

Ellllaaaa x said...

Coca Cola Christmas Advert…

The advert I have chosen to analyse is the new coca cola TV advert that is shown around the Christmas season. This advert has Christmas music in the background and the setting is a traditional Christmas setting with snow, music and Santa Claus is the main character giving out coke to different people around the area. The advert then comes up with text that goes through the different years, which are the years since coke has been around. This advert tells a story of a girls life and starts off from when she was a child; which was when coke started out and then it goes on to her growing up and having children, and finally at the end she is an old woman and has grandchildren. The message from this story is that coke has been around for a long time and that it is still wanted and is a successful brand.

The characters in this advert are Santa Claus. He is wearing the traditional red Christmas outfit that all children know of, the colour red symbolises love and is the brands trademark colour. He is seen as an idealistic character that everybody looks up to as he is giving out coke, which is what everybody wants at Christmas time. The other main character in this advert is a girl who starts of as just an innocent little girl who bumps into Santa Claus, and the as the advert goes on she grows up to a family woman and all of her family also enjoy coke, as at the end she takes her granddaughter there to get some coke from Santa. This story could also relate to the brand of coca cola as is started of as a reasonably small company and over the years has grown into a famously worldwide brand. The coke bottles throughout the advert are traditional glass bottles and they all have a red ribbon around the top this also links with the red colours in the advert, which is the brands trademark colour.

The target audience for this advert would be families and children as coke is aimed at everybody and everybody can enjoy it. Also this advert will attract children’s attention as it has got Santa Claus in and all children look up to him and believe in him at this time of year so therefore they may think that if they drink coke then he may visit them at Christmas.

The text in this advert is limited as it is a television advert and contains mostly images but the text at the end of the advert gives a slogan about coke, which is “ Christmas on the coke side of life.” This is an effective slogan to leave at the end because it sums up what the advert is about.

In conclusion I think that this is a very successful advert as it has a wide target audience and the advert is attracting a lot of people to buying coke. Also the advert tells a story which is successful in putting across how long coke has been around and that everybody enjoys it.

rachel x said...

Coca-cola advert

Here I’ve chosen to analyse a print advert from the new coca-cola campaign. I’ve chosen this advert because it is one of the newest adverts from coca-cola and is becoming popular. It is different from any of the other coca-cola adverts that have been done through the years. This is bright and contains different images.

This advert catches people’s eyes as it is bright and has many pictures of animals and objects. The colours are secondary colours and vibrant which makes the advert look fun and exciting. Which gives coca-cola a new feel and make it look a lot more exciting and what people will want to buy. The coca-cola logo is red and so is the bottle, this may because the logo name is red and everyone associates the colour red with coca-cola.

The pictures coming out the bottle are all different; it has pictures of lips, flowers, people and many other objects. This may indicate that coca cola brings everything to life and it makes it fun when people drink coca cola. Also by it being all-colourful makes it enjoyable and not boring. This can make people buy coca cola through the fun imagery, which makes people think the coke will be as fun as tasty as the advert.

The slogan ‘ the coke side of life’ could indicates the fun side of life. This slogan is catchy and bold as people look at the word coke on the bottle first before reading the whole slogan. It also fits in well as the word coke looks like it should be on the bottle. The brand name being the biggest part of the writing and being at the bottom is the main part that draws people attention. It being in red matches the coca cola bottle.

In conclusion I really like this advert, as it is bright and eye catching. It is also is very different from any other coca cola adverts that I have seen. The advert gives coca cola a whole new look and makes it look a lot more interesting. This advert would be aimed at the younger audience as it is a lot brighter and seems younger by the pictures and colours; unlike some of the adverts that coca cola have done. This is a successful advert and has been seen in many different billboards and magazines.

Bramley [: said...

The first point in this coca cola advert is the man in the centre of the page holding the product. By doing this the audience can what they are being sold and know what to look for. This is clever advertising as the possible buyer now knows what they are looking for when shopping as it will be quicker and less hassle especially for a working person.

The man himself is well drressed with a merry smile plastered across his face. This gives the right impression of the type of class coca cola expects to buy their product. He looks respectable and responsible, someone parents wouldn't mind their children looking up to unlike the Levi's Jean Advert starring Nick Kaman. His expression is happy which implies that this is the emotion the drinker will feel.

In the background of this coca cola advert there is a simple petrol station. The simplicity of the location means no attention is taken away from the main product. It also could connote the idea of working class, hard tasks and heavy labour so this drink will be refreshing. This also tells the audience where they can possibly find the product. There are several coolers in the background which implies to the audience that coca cola is best served chilled. There is repetition within the word 'pause'. This implies slowing down therefore coca cola is relaxing and will be a good drink.

There is more writing than usual in an advert. This could represent the time that the advert was made in. It is only small writing compared with the pictures which could mean what they say isn't as important as what the picture is saying.

This advert works well for it's time period. However, it wouldn't work as well nowadays.

malina said...

Cheryl Tweedy
Coke Zero
Magazine Advert.
Launched in 2006

In this advert Coca-cola uses a medium long shot of Cheryl Tweedy a pop star and footballer’s wife to endorse the product. It shows her really clearly holding a Coke Zero in her hand and being ready to drink it. It is a eye-level camera angle so you look straight at her. Using a celebrity in such adverts seems to be very successful, Coca-cola is a very well known company so they had to use someone known to make the advert even more powerful.

She is in a pub, it seems like it was for wealthy people. This is suggested by the way that people are dressed in there, you can see two men behind her, and they are dressed in black suits as well as her and black suggests wealth.

Cheryl tweedy is a very attractive, slim and confident woman. Of course it seems, as it is the Coke that made her look that well, it suggests to the potential customers that they can be just like her by drinking coke. Coke zero is made for people who care about their look so Cheryl looks very sophisticated.

Steph said...

This advertisement from 2006 promotes a variation from the Coke brand, Coke Zero. The marketing campaign for Coke Zero focused heavily on its main demographic - which was seen to be males - and placed an emphasis on Coke Zero tasting similar to the previous product Coke Classic. Coke's group director of diet cola brands said about the promotion for Coke Zero: "Everything we're doing now is about communicating that message." The focus on advertising specifically to one gender was a result of the fact that the majority of Coke Zero’s consumers (55%) are men. The drink has been marketed as calorie-free as opposed to diet because it was found that men tend to associate diet drinks with women.


The primary colour used throughout this advert is black. This signifies authority and therefore will appeal to a predominantly masculine audience. Black is also associated with power and, subsequently, males. The decision to use black for its packaging was made by Coke based on sales success in Australia, as it was discovered that using a dark colour had connotations of the product itself having a stronger and bolder flavour. As a result, this use of colour would allow Coke to identify its key marketing aim and target its main audience effectively.

The red used for the Coca Cola logo is highly symbolic of the Coke brand worldwide, so opting to keep this colour means that a new product could essentially still be recognised as being made by Coke. Red is an attention grabbing colour and is particularly striking given the black background. Similarly, the white used for the majority of the text in the advert is effective as it stands out on the dark background.


The sole image used in this advert allows the reader to focus on the text surrounding it, and consequently Coke Zero’s key marketing points. For example, on the bottle the word “Zero” gradually reduces in size; the “Z” appears in bold, but the “o” is much smaller. This signifies that Coke Zero has a significantly reduced number of calories in relation to other Coke drinks, and therefore communicates perhaps the most important selling point of Coke Zero to the audience. As no other images are used within the advert, it is relatively simple and as a result links with the qualities of the colours also used in the ad, such as the connotations of white being considered simplistic and clean.


The writing used in the advertisement helps to convey an advantage of drinking Coke Zero instead of regular Coke, as the main body of text implies that Coke Zero tastes highly similar to ‘normal’ Coke. This is a point further reiterated with the use of bold writing, as “LIKE” and “COKE” appear on separate lines on their own, increasing their prominence within the advert and therefore making them more obvious to the audience. In addition, this is also achieved through the size of the writing used, as again “LIKE” and “COKE” appear in a larger font than the remainder of the text. By not alternating capital letters with lowercase, the whole text is extremely eye-catching and bold, linking with the concept of Coke Zero having a bold flavour. The text is also quite humorous, making the advert in general effective. This is because it conveys that Coke Zero tastes very similar to Coke, therefore conveying a key selling point and making the advert more likely to be remembered.


By positioning the bottle and the body of text directly next to one another, the audience notice that the wording mimics the shape of the Coke can. As both are dramatic and bold, they become associated with the connotations of the colours used (such as black) and also the qualities Coke Zero is presented as having: a strong, bold taste.


Coke Zero is targeted at male customers who, due to recent changing attitudes towards health and nutrition in society, have become more calorie-conscious. However, the fact that Coke Zero has still retained a strong flavour is perhaps the reason why the male percentage of its audience is so significant. All elements of this advertisement are pioneered towards Coke Zero’s overtly masculine audience: font, colour, image and wording.

Other Media Interests

To further appeal to its masculine audience, Coke developed other media interests to promote the drink further. A website was established solely for Coke Zero, and was consistent in employing a strict colour scheme consistent with print and television advertising to advertise the product. The website had various sections, each of which had a direct appeal to males. For example, a Fantasy Football section was introduced to appeal to men who are often sports fans. In this way, Coke branched out from traditional advertising and managed to maximize the success of the Coke Zero launch.

Louisa Osborn said...


This is a magazine advert advertising Coca-Cola and it’s new slogan ‘Experience the Coke side of life’.


This new slogan & advert is suggesting that drinking Coke makes you feel happy. Coke is sometimes drunk as a treat, and the slogan is suggesting that the Coke side of life is like a positive, better side of life and when you drink the Coke you will feel like a better person for drinking it.

Coke Logo

The coke logo is always featured on every coke print and moving image advert, because it is very easily recognisable and it features on all of cokes products. The font has also become somewhat of a trademark font and it very easily recognisable by many people.

Images & Colour

Red and white are always used in coke adverts, and are always used in coke adverts because the 2 colours are always recognised as coca cola and they are featured in the logo as well.

The other image is the burst of colours and mini images bursting out of the bottle. Because of all the different bright colours, it is connoting that the bottle is bursting with happiness. Also, the mini images bursting out of the bottle are connoting that the drink has an explosive flavour or perhaps an interesting flavour, as the images are quite interesting.

The colours are also very eye catching so therefore this will draw the audience’s eye to the advert and therefore the product itself.

Becky Jones said...


This is a print advert for coke. The bottle is the centre of the page and easily noticed as red is a primary colour. The colour red also represents Coke as a brand. Every original coca-cola product is red with white writing whether it is a football or a t-shirt etc, so it is easily identifiable.

There are many colours on the advert. This attracts immediate attention from audiences. The colours could represent straws coming out of the bottle but they could also represent felt tip pens. Either of the ideas gives coke a fun image. The red strand stands out through the rest and is above the rest at the top, this again highlights the red as the signature colour of coke. The range of colours also gives the advert a happy vibe, which is also shown by the comical smiley face at the top. The idea of felt tips and the face makes the advert relate to children as well.

There are only a few selections of Coke adverts that have slogans and this is one of them. The phrase ‘Welcome to the Coke side of Life’ gives the impression that drinkers of Coke have different life for non-drinkers: a fun colourful life rather than a dull boring life. The word Coke on the slogan is also the label on the bottle.

x...Lauren...x said...

Polar Bear Coca Cola Advert Analysis

I have chosen to analyse the polar bear Christmas coca cola advert. This advert is usually shown each year at Christmas time on the television. I have chosen this advert as I feel it is appropriate at selling the coca cola product each year as it can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages and does not date as the polar bear characters can be enjoyed each ear round.

The advert shows a young polar bear cub, which is separated from its father and younger sibling on a small block of ice in the middle of the water. It doesn’t want to swim across to them because of the water in between them, however is soon persuaded when a coca cola bottle is held by its father across the other side. The cub then swims across the water to reach and drink the coca cola bottle and the advert ends with them all together as a family drinking it. This portrays a message about family at Christmas, possibly that family are who you should spend Christmas with.

The polar bears are the main and only characters in the advert and they are a family to mirror that coke can be enjoyed by all of the family and that this is who Christmas should be spent with. The polar bears are adorable characters who would be enjoyed by all and attracts the audience. The coke bottle shown in the advert is a traditional glass coke bottle with the red label- the colour red is the brands trademark, which is known and recognised by all.

The target audience for this advertisement would be everyone as the video appeals to all different ages. But the main target market for this product would be children as it has a fun idea of polar bears in this advert.

There is no text in this advert, however the Coca Cola logo is shown at the end of the advert but also on the bottles during the advert. This makes the audience aware of what the advert is selling.

In conclusion, I feel this advert would be very effective as it appeals to all age groups and the logo shows clearly what they are advertising. Another strength to this advert is that it doesn’t have a lot of writing during the video so the audience can focus on the images of the advert.

Josh said...

Coke Cola

Coke Cola – I have chosen to analyse this advert from “Heat” magazine.


The Coke Cola logo is used on every one of the products made by this company, this shows what the company has invented. The logo is a bright colour, which grabs the attention of the customers. The handwritten name style shows that the drink is fancy and sevisticated.


The colour red on the bottle is used to represent the company’s corporate colour. All the other colours are used to grab the attention of the viewers it could be seen as a mixed racial advert as it is multi coloured all over the world.

I think this is a great advert for the magazine it was found in, it grabs attention by the use of colour and is a good idea how Coke Cola has used colour and images to get the world wide brand around.

Crookie said...

The advert relates to music that implies it is aimed at people who like music
This advert gives the impression that Coca Cola is a good thing. Small icons rising out of the bottle that have a positive meaning represent this.
There are no major detailed parts in this advert as all pictures are mainly bold and filled with one colour.
There are many colours included in the small pictures and the small text “live on the Coke side of life”.
There is a large quantity of colour used in the small pictures rising from the bottle to represent a good/happy feeling.
The background is plain black so more concentration is aimed at the pictures and writing.

sammie (: said...

Coca cola advert.

I have chosen to analyse the coca cola advert from late in 2006. It’s a moving image that contains 3 polar bears, it’s only 30 seconds long, where as various other coke adverts are over a minute. This advert is simple and calm, where as compared to other coke adverts they are more bright and lively.
There is a baby polar bear on an iceberg, away from his father and sibling. His father is trying to get him to come over with them to their iceberg that they are floating on. But the baby polar bear wont. Then the father bear pulls out a bottle of coca cola and the baby polar bear gets the courage to dive in the water, and swims to his father and sibling.
This advert would appeal to all different types of people, of all different ages. It was shown in the winter, and as other coke adverts, they changed the advert to suit the theme of what’s big, or what’s going on today. They used polar bears instead of humans, it appeals more to people, because it wouldn’t have the same effect if it were humans in the advert.
It shows the baby polar bear not wanting to, or being able to swim across to the other iceberg, but as soon as the father bear pulls out a bottle of coca cola, the baby bear seems to be able to swim. He swims across to the other iceberg, and happily drinks the bottle of coca cola. This shows that coke think they can bribe people to do things. Or that coke can be used as a motivator.
I think that this advert s very cute, and would be enjoyed by other family orientated groups. I think that the target audience that coca cola tried to appeal to, was young and old family figures. Which is pretty much everyone. This advert can appeal to everyone and like many of their other adverts, they have succeeded in appealing to everyone, at this family-orientated time of year.